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Cherry Popsicles
Cherry Popsicles

About Me


Lush Pops™ Founder Alicia has been serving “goodness on a stick” since 2019, she is a mixologist at heart devoted to making pleasurable handcrafted alcohol infused frozen treats and bringing people together. It’s what gets her out of bed in the morning and keeps her up late at night. She likes to make people feel good. Her passion for creating cocktails is changing the way that social drinkers enjoy frozen treats.

Lush Pops™ are pleasurable handcrafted alcohol infused frozen treats; made with fresh organic fruits, premium liquors, and wines.

How it started…

Alicia was hanging out with friends eating popsicles and expressing how they were over “adulting”. Alicia needed a drink, she started thinking, “I should create a combination of the two; alcohol and popsicles”

How it is going…

After a few mixes or should we say remixes, she perfected her recipes, and is now delivering a burst of flavor for the best of times. 

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