How it all began...

"We Aim to please and create to satisfy."

Alicia has always enjoyed creating cocktails and frozen drinks. She was often considered an mixologist at gatherings and parties. Lush Pops is a handcrafted business that specializes in fresh fruit, wine and liquor infused popsicles.

It all began on a hot summer day in 2015. Alicia and her friends had just endured a disappointing time at a local festival. To decompress they visited a local popsicle
shop. Alicia ordered her usual popsicle; while indulging in the pop’s vibrant flavor, her mind wondered to how delicious the popsicle would have been with the addition of alcohol. Her mind wondered further to how refreshing and delectable the pair would be on a sunny summer day, at a festival, in a park, or simply indulging at family gatherings. She shared the idea with her friends and they agreed the idea sounded amazing. However, it remained a mere idea for a few years.

Fast forward to January 2019, Alicia had just been laid off from her grant funded position with the State, and employment in her field of study was limited. She decided she would step out on Faith and create an opportunity for herself, but what would it be?! While browsing social media one night, the idea of liquor infused popsicles came back to her. Excited, she instantly began researching proper business techniques, equipment required to start a popsicle business, and webinars from successful business owners.

After extensive research, viewing webinars, late nights of mixing frozen concoctions, and taste tests with family and friends, Lush Pops, LLC was born. Lush Pops official debut was May 25, 2019, at the Caribbean Festival.


The popsicles were well received and the REST IS POPSICLE HISTORY!!